FIN-LEG-LIT project was launched at a kick-off meeting on 26 October 2020 and will end in August 2023. It started with the creation of a project logo and the launching of the website in all project languages.

The work on the Financial-Legal Literacy Manual for Europe (the Manual) and its respective E-tool started with the preparation of the financial-legal literacy related questionnaires in all project languages. Each project partner has distributed the questionnaires within the project target audience and collected the answers from at least 50 interviewees.

The gathered information was analyzed and combined with the performed desk-work analysis, which served as a basis for the Manual and the E-tool. Both of these tools will be made available in all project languages in printed, pdf and e-tool versions. The respective events for the dissemination of the Manual and the E-tool will be held in June 2023.